The Nature Life Project is a blog about reconnecting with nature in our modern world and is for anyone who is striving to live a more natural, holistic lifestyle.  I will teach you how to grow a healthy, organic garden that will feed and heal your family. 


You’ll learn time-tested gardening tips and techniques, and how to use the plants you grow in home cooked meals and  natural remedies.  I believe a better life starts in the garden.


I started down this path about 8 years ago, with a few plants in containers that I managed not to kill.  That first harvest tasted so good that I couldn’t wait to grow more the next year.  And just like that, I was addicted to gardening. 


As I educated myself about the poor quality of our food supply and the corruption in our medical system, I became determined to start growing more of my own food and medicine.  I started learning all I could about organic gardening and herbal remedies.


In 2010, my husband and I opened up a hydroponics/indoor gardening shop with one of our best friends and I was able to spend my days chatting with other gardeners.  My customers gave me my greatest education, and I soaked up everyone’s gardening tips and tricks like a sponge.  During those 5 1/2 years that we owned the shop, between my customers and my own studies, I learned all about the science of gardening.


After we owned the shop for a few years, I began writing about gardening.  I wrote a monthly column for our local newspaper called “Living Close to Nature.”  I also started writing for Maximum Yield Magazine, HydroLife Magazine, and the Peninsula Gateway newspaper on a regular basis.  Gardening and writing are both my passions.  Writing about gardening just feels natural to me.


Last year, my husband and I decided to make a huge life change.  We sold our shop and bought acreage in the country so we could live a truly self-sustainable lifestyle immersed in the beauty of nature. 


We have 6.5 acres in Washington State near my husband’s favorite river for salmon and steelhead fishing.  Our goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible by growing and fishing for our food, raising chickens for eggs, and bees for honey. 


I share our journey with you on this blog to show you that it’s not only possible to live a simple, sustainable lifestyle in our modern world, but that it is a more enjoyable and fulfilling way to live.


To get to know us a little better, you can read about our new homestead here, and why we decided to change out lifestyle here.



The Nature Life Project Manifesto

Living the nature life means that you live in harmony with nature. You live seasonally, by nature’s timing. You eat nature’s foods. You grow food. You use the earth’s medicines. You enjoy the great outdoors. You love the animals. You care about the earth. You compost. You take a balanced & holistic approach to health. You play in the dirt. You’re natural & authentic. You marvel at the small things on your trail. You pay attention to the moon & stars. You love plants. You learn life lessons from nature. You take only what you need & leave few footprints. You enjoy the simple things. You might hug a tree.





I am not a doctor.  Although I heavily research every educational article I write, I recommend consulting with a professional for your individual health needs.


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