Watch the Back to Eden Film



I love the Back to Eden method of gardening.  It is simple, low-maintenance, and sustainable.  I’ve visited Paul Gautschi’s Back to Eden garden 3 times over the years, and it is the real deal.  I was sold on the technique the first time I tasted his food.  It is nothing like you find at the grocery store, and tasted better than I thought food was able to taste. 


Paul breaks all the normal rules of gardening.  He doesn’t till, water, fertilize or use pesticides, yet his harvest is sweet, juicy and bug-free.  His biggest problem is figuring out what to do with his over-abundance of food!


I spread the word about Paul and his garden whenever I possibly can (read more here and here) because I think everyone should grow their food this way.  I’ve used different techniques over the years, and this method creates the most beautiful soil and is a joy to work with.  I will never till again.  Ever.


Now you can watch the Back to Eden Film here on my site. The Producers of Back to Eden Film are allowing us to stream the full film for FREE.  As an added bonus you can learn more and purchase the film by CLICKING HERE.


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